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It's really hard to write a bio about yourself.  It is for me, anyway.


What I can talk about is the fact that we love making music.  We love writing the music, sharing it with you, and watching it grow. We work really hard to give that music and our performance the best life we can.


From drag stages and burlesque shows to patios and festivals, making music is what I do.  I am a songwriter, an instrumentalist, and a singer.  I spend more time present in my life than active on social media.  That's not the method recommended by any business coach or class, but it's what works for me.  I write when I'm inspired and play when I get the chance.  I'm not trying to make it rich or make it famous.  I think being a musician doesn't require only 1 path or goal.  I'm a beekeeper, a gardener, a dog lover, and herbalist.  Making music makes me happy and that's the whole point for me.


Here's something that someone wrote about me..I think it's well spoken:

Though formally trained in opera and classical music, Christa Russell has always known that the blues and raw, organic country was in her blood. While living in Key West, Florida, she began writing songs and expressing her passion, entertaining tourists and locals alike. Now back home in Texas, she draws on the influences of Patsy Cline, Eva Cassidy and Linda Ronstadt to capture the hearts and minds of her audience. A self proclaimed “goof” and “generally a hot mess”, spending time with Christa on stage is like spending time with Christa at a table… telling jokes, having a laugh, and sipping whiskey. With her energetic personality, come the lyrics, song writing and vocal passion of woman who has known loss, failures, insecurities and loneliness, but lives to sing about redemption, accomplishment and ultimately finding a path to call your own.


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